• A DNA UPGRADING SELF-HEALING SYSTEM THAT WORKS LIKE A WASHING MACHINE AND INEVITABLY BRINGS YOU TO ASCENDED MASTER (CHRIST) LEVEL, GUARANTEED TO TAKE YOU TO THE NEW EARTH – it’s like buying a one way ticket to the New Earth! Guaranteed! The IAMHS system is a daily practice system, like a shower you take everyday, until a certain stage where you need not practice anymore as you have become it. As you become an IAMHS initiate, you get under the care of billions of Light Beings of the IAMHS by which you will most surely become Ascended and part of the New Humanity in the New Earth.
  • THE SPECIAL DISPENSATIONS, INITIATIONS AND HEALINGS VERSED UPON THE MEMBERS OF THIS EXPEDITION ON THIS OCCASION OF THE TURNING OF THE AGES – a special care will be performed on the volunteers for this global Mission as You’ll be the carriers of the 12211212 Codes! We will be at the strongest reception point on the Earth in a specially devised apparatus!
  • YOUR MOST EXTRAORDINARY SPECIALLY THOUGHT OUT TOUR OVER ANCIENT EGYPT INCLUDING ALMOST ALL IMAGINABLE ACTIVITY IN THE CARE OF EXPERIENCED EXPERT NATIVE GUIDES IN TIGHT SPIRITUAL COOPERATION – it’s not mass tourism where we do spirit stuff when we can, it is especially designed for what we will be doing. Our Guides were especially chosen for this job! Having said this, we will be on airplanes, buses, cruise ships, jeeps, camels, balloons, on foot, dressed, undressed bathing in the Nile, bathing in the Oasis, sleeping in hotels, in ships, in tents, gazing at the stars on the ship and in the desert, watching the life changing unforgettable Egyptian sunsets behind palm trees in the peace of the river Nile or in the white desert, watching belly dance and typical Arabic music shows, doing sightseeing, visiting museums, churches, temples, synagogues and mosques, and more…
  • UNFORGETTABLE, AN EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME IN THE INSPIRATIONAL GUISE OF AN INDIANA JONES ADVENTURE – we spent a great deal of time, energy and Love, always in the company of the Light Beings who are guiding us to do this, designing something that will completely turn you upside down inside out so that no molecule on your energy bodies is left untransformed – but you don’t need to be an athlete! Just bring your boots, your kaki trousers and your hat (but leave the whip home)!
  • A NEW YOU, A NEW I AM – You’ll be fully transformed and unrecognizable, with changes to affect your everyday life happening in the months to come. You’ll also change your I AM presence. You’ll have all your karma cleared, either at the end of this Journey or after some time of IAMHS practice, depending on Consciousness demands (no cutting corners), but it’ll happen guaranteed, assuring you you’ll be on the Love Train to the New Earth. No expectations but expect Miracles!
  • EXCELLENT VALUE FOR MONEY – we went out of our way to achieve this:

Click the Star to secure your place!

ASCENSION IN 2 WEEKS – Shock treatment without the electrodes: this program has been created to produce maximum effects on the participants, the goal is to revolutionize the life of attendants, in short To Make Initiates Fully Ascend In 2 Weeks, THE PROMISE is that each participant, safe force majeur (such as non-compliance with directions and whatever other self-sabotage behavior), gets in as a human and gets out as a super-human i.e. with all initiations performed so that in due time (some on the 23rd, others a mere month later!) full transformation is accomplished and a miraculous life ensues.

12:12:12 OR 21:12:12 are indeed extra-ordinary moments that all of us incarnated on Earth have waited for for thousands of years. The thing is that THIS TIME IS DIFFERENT because the Galaxy Hierarchy has decided that this process of ascending into Unity this time is irreversible, unlike previous instances when after the Summer holidays everything reversed again into duality/negativity and Earth reopened classes as the inter-galactic school of suffering. This time Summer holidays are here and although the frequency will come down after the Age of Aquarius (holidays) it will not translate into duality again nor it will into school. No more school, yay! 😀 Accordingly, the Galaxy CEO and its governing body decided that all that won’t conform to this will be lovingly carried away to suitable places out of the Galaxy where these Souls will continue their endless wheel of Samsara, thanks to (Commander) Ashtar Tours courtesy travels – he may say “thank you for chosing Ashtar Airlines, we wish you had a pleasant flight and we hope you don’t come back again anytime soon”. This may shock you but it’s the truth, all Souls know this at some level. Of course the New Earth and the New Humanity and the New Galaxy for that matter can only be formed by Souls totally committed to the Light and nothing but the Light so help them god.

THIS IS NOT TOURISM BUT IT’S GOT SIGHTSEEING TOUR – in sum, the whole 15 day journey is an Initiation itself, shock full of initiations and teachings, multidimensional consciousness healings and psyche transformations. It’s not tourism because we Commanded that from our honorable Tour Guides, themselves important spiritual masters from days of old. Having said this, there’s no prohibition for you to buy anything you want unless it is a) a camel b) a wife c) too big a rug d) you stray from the pack in which case is toudelou fairwell bon voyage back home (by cheap rail most probably).

Watch the jaw dropping Heart racing sunsets from the Nile, something that will stay forevermore imprinted in your Soul

DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND RESPONSIBILITY – we’ll have you sign a paper, don’t worry. Consider us a group of friends who travel along. Hey, that’s what we are indeed! Wow! This is important because the whole purpose of this we’re doing is for One/You to take full responsibility for One’s/Your life. If you do not agree, forget it, stop reading and go do something else now.

LEAVE YOUR HEELS AT HOME BUT BRING YOUR BIKINI TYPE THING – We are going to do 4×4 jeep raids in the white deserts, to ride camels, to fly in balloons (in Egypt!), watch sunsets in the Nile, watch sunsets in the desert, watch the stars in the Nile, watch the stars in the desert, bathe in the waters of the Nile, bathe in the desert in the waters of the Oasis (if you forget your suits we won’t look at your transparent lingerie (nice trick by the way)), sleep in tents in the desert, sleep in boats in the Nile, meditate inside the Great Pyramid on the 121212, eat dust ahem integrate the desert energy in one’s cells and watch the sky to see if any Starships show up or stardust falls on one’s head in the 211212 🙂 Oh almost forgot, we’re also going to watch professional belly-dancing in a boat in the Nile in front of Cairo (please don’t be surprised if our big belly guide starts dancing, we’ve seen that happen before, we take no responsibility!), we’ll watch the Pyramids sound and light show a bit like 007, go Cairo city sightseeing at night time, gaze at a lot of mummies and sarcophagus, visit the Coptic church (with Templar crosses and Archangel Michael!) etc. Having said this, I’m sure you won’t be surprised to know we’ll talk about the ET who claimed to be god and our parents, about their other children, inter-galactic wars, inter-galactic species, who is really the Holy Spirit (you’ll take it home with you), etc. Don’t be surprised, Apocalypse actually means Revelation in Greek so it’s all coming up – I’m sure a lot will come down on this journey too, through many of the participants contributions.

A JOURNEY OF AN EXISTENCE – YES, it will transform you, turn you upside down, make you unrecognizable, a deeply changed person, you will live many lifetimes in these 15 days (not just feel like it but in true reality). It’s an unforgettable adventure you’ll still reminisce thousands of years from now – as many as the years you’ve been waiting for this if not more. But it will also be an entire existence you’ll be leaving behind and an entire existence you’re entering ahead walking the golden carpet. It’s also a journey that covers your entire existence in the last millions of years so we got that covered too.

Receiving the Gift of Life, the Ankh Initiation. Yes, we’ll do that one too, but the whole Journey is the Gift of Life!

ALL THIS IS FUN BUT – It’s a lot of work too! But it’s a lot of fun too. So we emphasized the fun. The work part is fun too. Uh, the fun is the work and the work is the fun. It happens when you love the life you live and live the life you love. Do you get it? Be serious In-Joy! This is the best part – life in the higher frequencies of the Neutral Love Of The Heart of Golden Christ Consciousness (or is it Golden Christ Consciousness of Neutral Love Of The Heart?) is nothing but Joy! Love is Joy. Humans have lived an existence of feel-good illusion that when you look again is gone and pain has replaced it. In this Journey we are removing all traumas, devices, connections and anything and everything that enables iniquity to grab a hold of us, we’re changing our DNA through initiation after initiation. Heck, if that doesn’t work, you’ll go home with the IAMHS to practice daily and that will undoubtedly do the job, so this is a fail-safe trip indeed!

AMAZING VALUE – We have put our Heart, Soul, Light and Love into this. Even our experienced guide is deeply impressed – he helped! 😀 This is how we love to do things – HOWEVER YOU LOOK AT IT, IT’S HANDS DOWN THE BEST POSSIBLE THING YOU COULD BE DOING ON THE TURNING OF THIS EXISTENCE! It’s a WOWSOME price for a WOWSOME schedule – we won’t ask you to compare because that’s duality talk. But we did do our best to make it OPTIMUS MAXIMUS and it truly is, we know.

COME FOR THE RIGHT REASONS – This is to form a group of like minded people who are coming from the Heart into a Mission that will deeply revolutionize themselves AND THE WORLD AT LARGE. We will accept no tourists, we will outright refuse them, TRUST it will be so. We will lovingly but adamantly deny access or ask to leave to anyone we feel is coming for ulterior motives. YOU MAY ONLY COME IN THIS JOURNEY IF YOU’RE DRAWN BY YOUR HEART, IF YOU HEAR THE CALLING FROM YOUR SOUL, IF YOU HAVE IT DEEP WITHIN YOU THAT YOU MUST DO THIS, THAT YOU CANNOT NOT DO THIS, THAT YOU HAVE TO DO IT AND CAN’T POSSIBLY PASS THIS.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Flying High With the Hawk

• Arrivals at Cairo (before dinner time), Reception at Airport, Shuttle to Hotel
• After Dinner Tea Hello Meeting

Amazing sights in the Nile cruise trip as we go down the serpentine/kundalini river through all chakras, healing and rectifying within and without, before and after, below and above in this Mission of Rescuing the Inner Christ and becoming ONE!

Initiatic Aurora Miracle Hearting System
– I AM the Miracle Healing System
– I AM the Higher Self
– I AM the Holy Spirit
– Invincible Ascended Masters Healing Souls

• Hello Again
• Round Table M.O.
• IAMHS Workshop (all day – tentative program)
⁃    The I AM Miracle Hearting/Healing System full initiation (healing multidimensional karma from past, parallel and present lives, everything)
⁃    Hearting or Healing?!
⁃    In The Beginning It Was The Word (Word <=> Consciousness <=> DNA)
⁃    Sananda-Magdalena, Mary, Saint-Germain, Adama, Michael, Ashtar Sheran, Lord Arcturus, Orion Commanders, all the Light Beings of the Galaxy
⁃    The Goronandeck: Divine Mother, Balthazar, Melchior, Casper, Melchizedek-Goronandeck (examples)
⁃    180 Light StarShips and Fleets => IAMHS: Invincible Aurora Miracle Hearting System
⁃    Washing machine + piling up dirty laundry = Consciousness Healing
⁃    Limbic + Endocrine + Nervous System = ASE/EOH
⁃    1024 pointed star polyhedron/chakras/DNA strands
⁃    Crystalline body
⁃    Merging Kundalini, Egos, Mind
⁃    Body of Gaia, “Wherever I Go So The Harmony of Gaia Goes”
⁃    Healing Souls, Humanity, Gaia, Flower of Life, Solar Systems (plural), Galaxy
⁃    Lamb (follow) vs Christ (ascending consciousness to I AM level)
⁃    John the Baptist (who’s been baptized?)
⁃    Open Wings
⁃    Being initiated into the IAMHS is buying the ticket to the New Earth – one way!
⁃    Being an almost infinite *body* of Light Beings and Light Ships/Fleets, the IAMHS is a body, it can be considered as a Living Being and/or a StarShip. It is Invincible and it is Infinite in possibility as resources will be added upon need so with the IAMHS One can finally state in TRUTH: EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Thus the emphasis on MIRACLES! Like Christ – he said “this I do you’ll do better”.
⁃    Piloting a StarShip. Piloting a Goronandeck StarShip bigger than the Earth – practice
⁃    Primordial Concepts Behind Life on Earth:
⁃    Monad
⁃    DNA and/or Soul – does sperm have Soul? (Btw, does the physical heart organ have Soul?)
⁃    Spiritual Authority
⁃    “Brief” History of the History: Orion, Pleiads, Sirius, Draco, Nibiru Ship, Tianmat, Earth, Anunaki, DNA Engineering, Igigi/Grey, Homo sapiens (Adam), Homo sapiens sapiens (Adapa), the Rogue/Fallen Angels, the Third Race, Adam+Eve+Snake, King of the Earth/King of Heaven, 7 deadly sins-demons, Feline Paranoia, Insectoid, Reptilian, all together now! 🙂
⁃    Earth as an Inter-Galactic Lab
⁃    The Melchizedek
⁃    who are the 144.000 Rainbow Warriors (5 pointed star, star of Solomon, sheriff star, Wicca? Surprise!)
⁃    the origin, where most recently came from
⁃    what are the Melchizedek doing – free is the key
⁃    specific goals of this Egypt mission
⁃    Who is the Lord/Lady of the Galaxy now, changing Monad to his/hers as One’s new I AM, direct consequence from being initiated into the IAMHS: I AM the Healing System!
⁃    Effects of 12-211212
✓    Veil gone = 4D and all its trickery gone
✓    Duality gone
✓    End Time / Quickening => Time gone
✓    Apocalypse/Revelation => Subconscious gone
✓    PL Karma gone
✓    Annihilation of iniquity in all chakras, some chakras gone
✓    Merging the Trinity Egos – female, male and child into ONE GOLD CHRIST SOUL
✓    Heart as the Great Commander (Heart is God)
✓    Many will (are) not withstand(ing) the energy
✓    What else? What next?


Literal Ascension – not for the faint of Heart! Train your calf muscles before coming 😀

“An empty room with a stone box, is this it?!” some would say. Materialistic people can’t see beyond appearances. Yes, that’s precisely it!!!

• 121212 Meditation Inside Cheops Pyramid (receiving the Ascension Codes)
• Mikerinos and Kéfren Pyramids, the Sphinx
• Visit to Sacred Perfume Essences factory shop (good fun to chillout, be prepared to bring home a lot of these)
• Workshop (the 121212 Codes of Ascension – IAMHS Practice?)
• Dinner at Christo Restaurant, tea in terrace with a view to Pyramids

Mohamad Ali Mosque

• Mosques Ibn Tolon, Mohamed Ali, Sultan Hassan
• Sinagog (more to be added)
• Saladin Fortress (more to be added)
• Ancient Cairo – Coptic Church (more to be added)
• Cairo Egyptian Museum (more to be added)
• Workshop (IAMHS Practice – Healing Saladin, Richard LionHeart, Crusaders&Templars, Christians&Arabs, West&East, The Sacred Family)

• Catacombs
• Cleopatra’s palace
• Pombaya Column
• QuietBay Fortress
• Alexandria’s Library
• Workshop (IAMHS Practice – Healing Julius Caesar, Pompey, Marc Antony, Cleopatra, Caesarion-Issa, Alexander the Great, Octavian, Servilia, Átia, Octavia, King David, Batseba, Makeda Queen of Sheba, Solomon, Arthur and Guinevere, Mordred, Isis, Osiris and Horus and Seth in the Cleopatra story)

Typical Cruise Ship (for illustration purposes only)

Breathtaking Sight of Balloons Filled Sky in Karnak, Luxor, at Sunrise

• Flight to Luxor
• Boarding Cruise Ship – Instalation
• Temple of Tebes (more to be added)
• Temple of Luxor (more to be added)
• Workshop  (more to be added)

Karnak Temple Columns at Luxor

• Dendera Temple  (more to be added)
• Abydos Temple (Flower of Life, Spaceships)
• Workshop  (more to be added)

Anunaki Ships at Abydos

Flower of Life at Abydos

• Mémnon Giants
• Tebes Necropolis
• Hatchepsut Temple
• Medinet Abu Temple (Sehkmet Lion god)
• Valley Of The Kings
• Balloon Flight
• Workshop (IAMHS Practice – Healing Tuthankhamen, Howard Carter, Horemheb (&Mordred), Ankhsenamen, Tutmosis III)

Pharaoh-Queen Hatshepsut Temple

A Different Way of Looking At Hatshepsut’s Temple and The Valley of The Kings

• Temple of Kom Ombo (Sobek Crocodile god)
• Temple of Edfu  (more to be added)
• Workshop (IAMHS Practice – Healing Sobek, the Reptilians, ASE/EOH (Limbic+Endocrine+Nervous System), Eve and the snake, women and reptilian, seduction, Kundalini, erotic, Eros/Cupid son of Innana/Isis, Orion-Pleiads-Draco)

The amazing Kom Ombo Temple in the Nile honoring Sobek, the crocodile god

• Aswan Dam
• Temple of Isis at Philae Island  (more to be added)
• Nubian Village
• Bathing in the Nile
• Camel Ride
• Workshop (more to be added)

Spectacular Temple of Isis at the island of Philae as seen from the approaching boat

The fantastic Abu Simbel Temple of king Ramses II and Nefertari in an aerial view. This is the last temple and it corresponds to the Root chakra, it is tough. “Luckily” the next day we have the joyful and peaceful White Desert and El Bahariya Oasis with hot springs bathing and star gazing, receiving the cleansing blessings of the Dec 21, 2012

• Temple of Abu Simbel (more to be added)
• Return Flight to Cairo
• Belly Dance Show @ Dinner Boat in Nile

El Bahariya White Desert and Oasis

Bathing in the hot springs of El Bahariya Oasis

• Bus to El Bahariya Oasis
• 4×4 Jeep Drive
• Bathing in the Oasis
• Desert Sunset
• Star Gazing
• Dinner in the desert
• More Star Gazing
• Sleeping In Tents in the Desert (those who want to sleep)

Kind hearted courteous peace loving people

• Bus back to Cairo
• Chillout Morning Meeting (IAMHS Pratice?)
• AfterNoon Flight Back Home In Time For Christmas
• Warning – it’s possible we may arrange for more activities filling this day, depending on guidance and attendants.

[Should there be people interested in staying together through Christmas, surely something can be arranged]

• Miracle Consciousness Healings (talk=healing)
• Spreading the 12-211212 Ascension Codes to family, friends and country just by BEing
• Co-Creating the NEW HUMANITY
• Co-Creating the NEW EARTH
• Constant practice of the IAMHS will constantly take you higher and higher – there is no limit

Typical work situation with Ahmed Ossman.


We are proud to be doing this expedition with the experienced support of the native expert travel Guides from Magnificant Travel whom we have worked with before and trust.


• Book your flight in to arrive on Tuesday 11th so that you’re safely on time for the night presentation meeting and follow your Heart regarding the return flight date either on Saturday 22nd afternoon or the 23rd – trust you won’t be in a hurry to leave;
• It is natural that many will be unpaired in this, after all most of us are way ahead in the curve and aloneness is required to develop all of ONE. So don’t be afraid to come on your own and you’ll naturally pair up instantly with someone else as we’re all coming together guided by our Higher Selves/I AM. We already know everyone else from prior lifetimes, familiarity is the norm, otherwise there’ll be something really wrong. So TRUST and jump in with both feet. Possibly some pairs will form in this time, pairs that will serve the Mission by roaming the Earth spreading the Light;
• Leave your heels home, bring trekking/rugged shoes/clothes;
• Prepare to be all shook up – that is the point!
• Bring bikini/swimsuit and tone down on cleavages and seduction – it is Arabia after all. But hey, bring yourself and all it takes to be genuine;
• Bring extra money for purchases such as the Essences, Papyrus or Alabaster, they’re lovely but it can all be a bit much on the wallet;
• Be an assertive non-disruptive partner meaning that contributions and insights are welcome and desirable but humble and no protagonism seeker, nor a mere follower – speak out your questions, before, during and after!
• Changes will happen! He who lives a planned life is a fool because all plans fail, life works itself out ALL-WAYS. But we also got the power to state how we want things and that is surely something that’ll be respected as much as possible by the higher powers that guide us!
• Come back to this document as it is an evolving thing that will be perfected and improved in detail in time;
• Start studying all the characters that show up in this document (Wikipedia is your friend);
• Before, during and after this – if you have something to say then SAY IT! But know that silence is golden, sometimes it’s really best to moderate the mouth. It’s easy – if it is positive and constructive and timely and doesn’t break the flow of whomever is speaking… SAY IT! Otherwise, shut up 🙂 Hey, do this the rest of your life 😀
• Study The Lost Book of Enki by Zecharias Sitchin and
• You’re expected to know a minimum of spirituality such as “chakras” etc. but if you don’t, don’t be afraid to enquire. Part of this Journey is a lot of previously unheard Consciousness so it’s kind of Spirituality 101 just the same.
• Pack light! 1000 times the bags will be opened and closed. Bring one hand suitcase and one large suitcase, that’s our suggestion/advice, take heed…
• Life may seem dull after this. Sorry about that.


Click the Star to secure your place!

We tried to not ruin the fun by placing photos that are representative of the places but generally are not of the biggest impact sights. TRUST that the real thing is REALLY intense, more so because we will be accompanied by the Light Beings in function of the work towards Humanity, the Earth, the Solar System(s) and the Galaxy this venture comprehends. We are grateful for all the posters of images around the internet whom from we took the pictures for illustration purposes.

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LAST BUT NOT LEAST – You will make it it if it is meant to be, all the Universe will work towards that goal if your presence in this Expedition serves your Soul, the Light, the Peace, the Greater Good, your Ascension and your Mission, Humanity and the Galaxy’s Ascension and Mission.

Wishing All Joy, Love and Light! ((( ❤ ❤ ❤ )))
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